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How To Host Multiple Websites Paying For Cheap

Hosting multiple websites for cheap is the desire of anyone who needs to host a large number of websites without spending a fortune on website hosting. And following the tips in this article, you will save a lot of money by hosting many websites.

After all, investing heavily in creating a website is not always possible, especially for those who have many websites and are just starting their careers. However, did you know that it is already possible to have multiple sites in a very accessible, practical, and cheap way to acquire cheap web hosting? Do not believe? In this article we’ll show you how this is possible, check it out.

The process of creating a website can have its difficulties, however, it is the most assertive way to promote your work or even a hobby. Our article for today will show you how to accomplish this feat, save money, and have beautiful and functional websites.

After all, what is website hosting?

Web hosting is something like the physical space that your site ranks on the Internet. The domain handles the address of that location.

In short, a website hosting service rents space to store your website files and data. And it is responsible for making the site available via the internet 24 hours a day and offering technical support when you face any difficulties or have any problems with your site.

What types of website hosting are there?

Now that you understand what hosting is all about, let’s talk a little about another point. There are several types of hosting, namely:

  • Shared;
  • VPS;
  • dedicated hosting ;
  • Cloud Hosting.

Furthermore, below we will understand each of them in detail, combined? Don’t miss it!

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is more affordable. It is a possibility in hosting several websites for cheap.

In this case, many websites will be hosted on the same server that is shared with other clients. All in a very safe and practical way. In this mode, the client receives a limited amount of server resources to use on all of their websites.

As it is the cheapest website hosting, so is Bluehost. many people who are starting their blogs, online stores and websites, tend to opt for this type of hosting.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a type of physical server, but its server is divided using virtual machine technology. That is, each user has a separate storage space, as well as available resources and tools.

Therefore, each website has a unique space within that server. It is noteworthy that this type of hosting, the VPS, uses excellent quality hardware and ensures greater performance for hosted sites.

This is precisely to contribute to an excellent performance of the service provided. Generally, those who need to host a large number of websites or want to offer better performance to access the website use VPS hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

This type of hosting is one where a website has a dedicated server dedicated to it. That is, there is no server sharing. The entire (physical) server is used by only one client. There is even no division through machine virtualization, as with VPS and cloud hosting.

This way, the user does not need to share the storage space, nor the server resources, thus guaranteeing that your website will have 100% of the resources made available by the server. In summary: you enjoy powerful hardware for your website, in addition to having exclusivity.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is also known as cloud hosting. This type of hosting is very suitable for those who want excellent performance and low costs.

As the storage spaces, as well as the tools, are distributed on several servers, there is always room for improvement and expansion. Therefore, cloud hosting has the best scalability among hosting types.

That way, if any server has an error, there is no risk of being down or anything like that. After all, there are other servers that will function normally.

How to host multiple websites for cheap?

Now that we are clear about the concepts and types of hosting, let’s get straight to the point about cheap web hosting.

1. Have a hosting plan that supports many sites

The companies that offer hosting plans have different categories of plans. Therefore, each plan has its specificities such as storage space, resources, and tools for the user.

In addition to the aforementioned features, there is still the possibility of you hosting several sites paying cheap, that is: in a single plan.

However, it is noteworthy that the values ​​can vary between a plan for a single site or for multiple sites.

Thus, the interesting thing is to assess your needs in creating websites, as well as being aware of the platforms.

That’s right! Many hosting companies do some promotions throughout the year. So, make your planning and when a good opportunity arises, get your ideal plan.

What are the advantages of hosting many websites on the same hosting plan?

Among the advantages of having, in a single plan, several sites, we can list a few:

Ease of Management

As you will only need a login and password, the practicality starts from there. Another nice point is that you will have access, from a single screen to all your websites. Thus, you will be able to manage them more assertively and quickly. The process as a whole is more efficient and practical.


In addition to the ease of management, you’ll have more control over what you actually use from your plan. Furthermore, as it is a single plan, payment is simpler, as well as in case of any complaint, it is enough to file a service protocol. Everything is simple and fast, as modernity calls for.

Investment Savings

We believe that hosting multiple sites for cheap is one of our readers’ best interests. By having a single hosting plan that supports many sites, you can save a good deal of money in view of hiring hosting for each site.

2. You can have a Hosting Reseller

If you want to know how to host several websites for cheap, open your mind to the idea of ​​having a hosting reseller.

First, let’s explain what it is: basically, it means that you will have a kind of hosting company, but without having to take care and maintain the infrastructure.

Soon, you will be able to have at your disposal, according to your selected plan, resources, tools, and storage space for your use.

Furthermore, this can also be resold to customers who wish to own websites. So, in addition to having the opportunity to host several websites for cheap web hosting, TMD Hosting you can achieve that and can still generate extra income every month. And that through hosting resale. Amazing, isn’t it?

What are the advantages of owning a reseller hosting?

Among the advantages of having this type of plan, the main ones are:

Availability of Many Tools

While you will be able to resell hosting, you will have many tools available on the platform. After all, this is essential for you to offer quality services to your customers. Furthermore, you can enjoy these benefits on your own websites. In this way, we emphasize the importance of you having a good knowledge of the resources available.

Management Simplicity

Following the pattern of hosting multiple sites in a single plan, hosting reseller is also equally practical. After all, all websites, as well as tools and resources will be available on a single hosting. Therefore, the control and management of websites are very simple and fast. Furthermore, that maxim “time is money” is a reality.

Financial Sector Optimization

After you start selling accommodations, you may have butterflies in your stomach regarding charges and payments. Calm down, this won’t be a problem! Hosting several websites for cheap and having a hosting reseller is very simple, including in terms of financial operations. In the vast majority of cases, the platforms where you purchase the resale, provide an automated financial panel. In this way, with a few clicks, it is possible to view earnings and even charge customers.

3. Have a hosting plan for each website

After defining the previous concepts, many people believe this topic is a bad option. However, we need to expose all the alternatives of how to host several websites for cheap. So, after the explanations, you reader will have tools and information to make a correct decision.

Initially, let’s think that “each case is a case”. Therefore, in some situations, a hosting plan per site means the best solution. Let’s get to why.

This happens most commonly in cases of developers and programmers. Some professionals don’t want to administer or manage their clients’ websites. Another aspect may also be that you need sites that are very different from each other. Therefore, each site will need different tools and different customizations.

What are the advantages of having hosting for each site?

Check out the advantages of hosting multiple sites in low-cost web hosting, but with one site on each hosting:


As stated before, each host will have a website, so there will be complete independence between them. Furthermore, you can recommend that visitors to a site know the other, thus improving your ranking performance.


Another very positive point is that each site may have an “identity” totally different from the other. Therefore, you can abuse your creativity and reach different audience niches.

Test Solutions

Still thinking about it, try different tools with a view to the best result. In short, on each site, you can perform different actions and you can write down what best suits you. However, as we are thinking about the idea of hosting several sites paying cheaply, we need to point out that having a site on each hosting, the cost will be a little higher.

This is in opposition to the two previous ideas. However, it is necessary to evaluate well what pays the most for you, combined?


In this article, you have seen some tips to save money when hosting a website. Hosting a website for little is the desire of all, but when you have a large number of websites this task is even more difficult. That’s why we designed this article to help those who own many sites.

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